Flat is the New Hot

March 7, 2012

So, we’ve moved in to our new home. Perhaps inevitably, it hasn’t been quite as smooth  as we might have wanted. Issues have reared their head. Probably chief amongst these is the lift, or the lack of it.

We thought we’d been assured that the lift would be installed within a day or two of us moving in. Currently there is just an open lift shaft, sans doors, running up the building. One drink too many, and it could turn into the black oubliette of death. But the main problem is that we’re on the sixth floor, and climbing six floors in this furnace heat carrying household goods is less fun than it might sound. And now we’re told it may not be installed this month.

Which might be acceptable if the internet was on. But as that seems to have been relegated to some vague point in the future as well, it means that every time I need to check my emails or look something up – both useful if you’re looking for work – you have to set off on the Trans-Sahara Vertical Marathon to find wifi. The potential health benefits have been explained to me; I don’t think anyone really believes it.

And this evening as we were going out for dinner, the (sweet) owner of the building said that as we have no security guard yet (not until the weekend, he swore) he would wait up to let us in the outside gate. Like being back at school.

But these are fairly minor problems, really. On the plus side, we have some lovely plates, the view is hypnotic, the breeze refreshing and we have a house gecko. The shop on the corner sells Stolichnaya vodka for $7 a litre and we managed to move the washing machine off the balcony and into the kitchen. It looks much better there.

I’ve already started planning a housewarming drinks party. With vodka at seven bucks a litre, we can have some fierce punch. It’s probably best if we wait until the lift is in before we do. That way, no one will die, and it might give us time to make some friends to invite. One thing at a time.



One Response to “Flat is the New Hot”

  1. Nicola said

    Well we expect to see the new slimmed down agile Rupert when we come to visit, after all this running up and down the stairs. You do need to badger for the internet connection though…..although it does amuse us that everytime you want to look something up you have to negotiate your stairs!

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