Blimey, another week goes by

March 25, 2012

Much as I’d hoped to serve up a scintillating little essay on some fascinating aspect of life in South East Asia, I’m afraid I’ve been far too busy. I have a job, in an office, which requires me to nod sagely while people talk nonsense, and generally try to look like an adult.

It’s not all that bad. Instead of staying in bed until the last possible moment, running through the rain and then spending an hour taking the Tube to Canary Wharf crammed in like veal calves with some of London’s most unpleasant people, then working all day long with the rest of London’s most unpleasant people, here it’s a bit more civilised.

I rise at some civilised hour, without needing an alarm clock. After a mango or a papaya and a cup of decent coffee on the balcony watching the world go by, I saunter downstairs and into a waiting tuk-tuk, which wafts me regally down to the office for about 10-ish. And so it goes.

Being office-bound meant that I missed out on the highlight of Blossom’s week, which was a trip out to a nearby province to see two rural schools being opened by the admirable Mark Purser and his amazing charity Camkids. Along with Pub Landlord Al Murray, who raises a ton of money for the charity, they were feted by the two local communities, as thanks for building the schools and providing teachers ($50 a month and a sack of rice is what they get paid – do please consider making a donation); it was, by all accounts, a very moving day. Both Blossom and I plan to work with Camkids as much as we can.

These elderly ladies apparently claimed that they had never been photographed before in their lives. Which is quite a concept.


Cheery little kids looking forward to going to school. Which is quite a concept.


These old guys are much more excited than they look about having their grandchildren educated. The mind boggles when you think of the horrors they must have seen in the past.


A few other things we’ve learned this week: A case of beer doesn’t last as long as you might imagine. Don’t know why. And when you finally get the internet installed at home, it might not be as fast as you’d imagined (0.49Mbps).

This is how the local authorities coned off a section of road near our flat after fixing a pothole this week. It worked.

This amount of fruit costs the same as a pound of butter.

We had to go on a visa run to the Thai border, which was a bore. However, we did get to go past one of my favourite houses in Cambodia. A powerful warning against employing a five-year-old architect.

Coming back in to Cambodia, the corrupt border police stung us for far more than the real visa price. So if you’re reading this, Lt Col. Tho Sreng, you’re a corrupt and thieving shit, and a disgrace to your country. As I might have told you.


3 Responses to “Blimey, another week goes by”

  1. Nicola said

    A couple of points – so glad you are gainfully employed at last – our man in PP is much more up your street! Agree completely about CamKids – an amazing charity which really makes a difference to people’s lives. Also every penny raised goes to the kids as the trustees do everything for the charity for free. And finally I am having a problem with ‘blossom’ – my mother had a cat called this…..whilst it had similar colouring to Susan, I just can’t get beyond the fact that you seem to have run off to the orient with a cat.

  2. Nah, I ran off to Asia with a fox, innit?

  3. Hannah said

    I love the pot hole chair, in London they tend to just leave them undone!

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