Give me a break

April 22, 2012

Last Friday night, as we were preparing to go out to dinner, Blossom upbraided me for having a rip in my boxer shorts. ”Who’s going to know? It’s not like I’m going to be in an accident and have a bunch of nurses notice the state of my underwear,” I said.

Fate duly considered itself tempted.

So I’d been pottering along the street, on my way home, when I tripped off a high curb on an unlit corner, and fell over. I tried to get back up, but my right leg wouldn’t work, and I did a faceplant into the road, to my great consternation. Eventually I managed to pull myself into a tuk-tuk and got home, where I stepped out and promptly hit the deck. The landlord heard me, and got Blossom, and they rushed me to the nearest hospital. Tibian and fibia both broken; I’d need a steel rod and screws inserted, stat.

Cambodia doesn’t have a stellar reputation for the quality of its healthcare. Most expats have good medical insurance, with evacuation options to get you airlifted to Bangkok or Singapore. But, for various complicated reasons, I didn’t have access to my passport. I was also in quite a lot of pain. So we decided to do it here.

All of the surgeons spoke French, so we discussed our options in my feeble schoolboy facsimile of the language, and then they wheeled me off, to the operating room, and spent two hours playing Meccano with my lower limb. So far, so good. The big worry is getting an infection, so that’s being carefully monitored. I’m on various drips, and have a catheter inserted somewhere fairly unexpected. The nurses are wonderful and smiley and seem pretty competent; I have to have salvos of injections every few hours, but they’re done very gently.

Actually, my leg hurts like a bugger. My surgeon doesn’t seem to be a big believer in pain meds, and my piteous cries for Vicodin or pethidine go unheeded. Which is odd, because I’m paying for this. It is fairly cheap, though: about $800 for the op, and $150 a night for the spiffy room.

Oh, and they cut my torn boxer shorts (and trousers) off with a pair of scissors. So at least that’s one less thing to worry about.


6 Responses to “Give me a break”

  1. OW!!!!!!!! That is not good. Ow. Tania was operated on in Buenos Aires on 9th April (appendix). It went well – good hospitals and surgeon. Buenos Aires isn’t quite like Cambodia. We wish you a speedy and pain-and-infection-free recovery, Rupert…. Ayayay. Keep every bit of paperwork you possibly can for the insurance claim!

  2. J&J said

    Do you get to choose what the nurses wear?? J&J

  3. Bloody Hell!!! Hope the break mends well with no infection. Just about to send you some stuff for CamKids Blog – no rush at all though. Probably good timing, as you might have a bit more time on your hands now – or at least you won’t be able to run away from your computer.

    All the best, Mark & Jo

  4. nick bartle said

    I hear about this blog. This is the first post I read. Sorry Ru. Get better soon.

  5. Humaira said

    Rupert – Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time is careless! Get well soon.

  6. Tina said

    Oh No, Rupert. Susan just told me. Hope it all heals quickly. Re pain-killers: ask again? xo

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