Oh, the things we’ve seen…

July 13, 2012

I’m posting this on a weekend so that no one has to read it. It will be of limited interest to the general reader. However: I was asked at work to put together a timeline of Cambodian history over the last 20 years: the length of time the Phnom Penh Post has been publishing. Rather than make a scene about being asked to do intern-level scut-work, I just did it. It took me some hours, because such a thing doesn’t exist anywhere else. And that’s why I present it here: researchers, historians, whomever: these are the highs and lows of the last two decades in Cambodia:

January 1993: UN civilian agencies and NGOs request a public meeting to discuss election progress and the misconduct of UN peacekeepers.

May 1993: General election brings Hun Sen and Prince Ranariddh as co-prime ministers into coalition government.

September 1993: New constitution promulgated, UNTAC dissolved.

April 1994: Two young Britons and an Australian kidnapped and killed by Khmer Rouge

July 1994:  Khmer Rouge murders an Australian, a Briton and a Frenchman, because they were “spies” for Vietnam

March 1996: Mine clearance expert Christopher Howse and translator murdered by Khmer Rouge

March 1997: Grenade attack in Phnom Penh kills 16, injures 150

July 1997: Prince Ranariddh leaves Cambodia for France, accusing Hun Sen of staging a coup.

April 1998: Pol Pot dies.

May 1998: Prince Ranariddh pardoned by King Sihanouk and returns to Cambodia.

April 1999: Cambodia becomes tenth member state of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

December 2001: First Mekong bridge opens in Cambodia.

February 2002: Cambodia’s first commune elections held.

March 2002: Actress Angelina Jolie adopts Cambodian child.

January 2003: Rock star paedophile Gary Glitter deported from Cambodia

January 2003: Military planes fly hundreds of Thais out of Phnom Penh after violent demonstrations over the control of Angkor Wat.

August 2003: Prime Minister Hun Sen and Cambodian People’s Party officially win general election.

January 2004:  Labour leader Chea Vichea, affiliated with opposition party, shot dead in Phnom Penh.

June 2004: Cambodia’s two main political parties announce a power-sharing deal, ending an 11-month political deadlock.

October 2004: National Assembly ratifies agreement with the United Nations to establish a tribunal to try senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge.

October 2004: King Siahanouk abdicates.

October 2004: Norodom Sihamoni becomes king

February 2005: Opposition leader Sam Rainsy goes into self-exile.

March 2005: 20 convicts killed escaping from jail in Kampong Cham

June 2005: Two-year-old Canadian boy killed at international school in Siem Reap after gunmen take dozens of pupils and teachers hostage.

July 2006: Khmer Rouge ‘butcher’ Ta Mok dies

June 2007: 22 people killed when a plane crashed near Bokor Mountain.

Feb 2009: Trials of senior Khmer Rouge leaders begin.

October 2009: Overloaded ferry sinks on the Mekong, 17 killed.

July 2010: Comrade Duch found guilty of crimes against humanity.

September 2010: War crimes tribunal indicts four former Khmer Rouge leaders.

November 2010: Diamond Island tragedy; 456 people die in stampede.

July 2011: Cambodia’s stock exchange opens.

February 2012: Cambodia takes the chair of ASEAN.

April 2012: Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority becomes first company to list on Cambodian Stock Exchange.

April 2012: Environmental activist Chut Wutty shot dead.


If there is anything glaring I’ve missed, please don’t hesitate to let me know. This post is merely a resource for other people, and could be far better….


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