Back in the saddle again

August 8, 2012

Well, I made it back to Cambodia, despite the best efforts of a number of airlines and airport operators. It’s good to be home.

This is the point where I should reflect epiphanically on the differences between the UK and Cambodia; sadly, I can’t. Both countries are exactly as I remember them. Britain is currently convulsed with the Olympics, like a child putting its fingers in its ears and singing, to block out the things it doesn’t want to hear, and who am I to gainsay that? People have worked very hard to have two weeks of sport to enjoy, and if they want to shut out the rest of the world and concentrate on showjumping and waterpolo success, then why not? If they want to trivia themselves into irrelevance, then be my guest. I’m all for happy Brits. Just don’t bother buying a newspaper there right now, if you want some news.

Back in the Penh, practically no one knows about the Olympics, being mostly too busy getting enough to eat. My gifts of Olympic-themed keyrings and the like got quizzical but cheery responses, but if I’d brought back an armful of high-calorie meals and distributed them along the airport road, I think I might have made a more positive difference.

And the good stuff about Cambodia has, unsurprisingly, stayed the same. Apart from the baking heat, I found myself laughing and joking with strangers within 30 seconds of being wheeled off the plane. Blossom’s bougainvillea looks magnificent. The Sokhas seemed delighted to see me once I made it back to Chez Moi. Which was nice.

After years spent living abroad, I knew how the last 10 days would go: too little time with anyone; too much time spent running (hobbling) from place to place trying to cram everything in. It was wonderful to see people who matter to me; it was sad to miss others.

To everyone I did see: thank you. You were all great, and I appreciate your time and your care. To the person, who wishes to remain anonymous, who cooked me pork chops and Yorkshire puddings: truly, that was a highlight. To the people I didn’t get to see: next time, for sure. Or, just get out here. You wouldn’t regret it.


3 Responses to “Back in the saddle again”

  1. Nicola said

    Something has always puzzled me about you…….Why do you like Pork Chops but not Lamb Chops? It was lovely seeing you – we miss you and make sure you do your exercises N XXXXX

  2. Lamb chops smell funny. Pork chops are awesome.

  3. Michelle said

    Definitely next time! xx

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