No news; some views

August 11, 2012

I was going to write about Deputy Phnom Penh Police Chief Phuong Malay, who has been in a truly tiny amount of trouble this week, for suggesting that a woman who miscarried after being kicked in the stomach by a policeman during a land rights protest might like to have sex with him to replace the child. But, mindful of the pleas for me not to be too depressing, I won’t.

Instead, I bring you Phnom Penh Landmarks From My Balcony, Part One of a series of one.

Phnom Penh is undergoing a convulsion of development, with new buildings being thrown up everywhere you look. From my spectacularly central eyrie, I can see almost everything that tourists come for; in six months time, I suspect I won’t be able to see any of those things.

So, in the name of history, here are some landmarks, and my view of them.

This is the Central Market, or New Market, or Psar Thmey, which is a truly wonderful building. This was while it was being renovated recently.

And this is my view of it.

The Vann Molyvann-designed Independence Monument.

And the bit of it I can see.

Phnom Penh’s most important temple, Wat Onaloum.

And Wat Onaloum from Chez Moi.

The home of the king of Cambodia, the Royal Palace. The king has just ordered the six-lane road in front of the palace to be closed to traffic, because he doesn’t like traffic noise. It’s done wonderful things for congestion on neighbouring streets. He gets about by helicopter, mainly. Probably made of ivory.

And the Royal Palace from my balcony.


And, finally, just for the hell of it, this is what dawn looked like this morning:






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