Holidays in Cambodia

May 1, 2013

I was always under the impression, when I lived in Hong Kong, that the city was blessed with the greatest number of public holidays of anywhere on earth, because it celebrated both British and Chinese holidays.

But I began to get a bit suspicious about that, after living here for a while. Because Cambodia, I suspect, has more public holidays than anywhere else on the planet. This year’s list runs from early January to mid December, and covers the following: Victory Over Genocide Day, Meak Bochea Day, International Women’s Day, Khmer New Year’s Day, International Labour Day, King’s Birthday, Visak Bochea Day, Royal Ploughing Day, International Children’s Day, King Mother’s Day, Constitutional Day, Pchum Ben Day, Commemoration of King Father Norodom Sihanouk Day, Paris Peace Agreements Day, King’s Coronation Day, Independence Day, Water Festival Day, and International Human Rights Day.

And it is worth noting that of those, four of them are three-day holidays. So, in all, 27 official days off. Which isn’t bad, really, is it?

Sadly, however, journalists don’t get any of them off, apart from three days during the Khmer New Year. And most people working in service industries: restaurants and bars, shops, hotels and so forth, often only get one day off a month.

But my colleagues from the paper’s ad department are all peeling off early today so they can get a head start on International Labour Day. Government departments and offices all faithfully observe each and every holiday. As I probably would too, if they were on offer.

In other news, I got an excited call from Blossom this morning, to tell me that she’d found a pair of three-month-old Boston Terrier puppies.


One of the Boston Terriers found by Blossom today

One of the Boston Terriers found by Blossom today

Apparently there is a bitch here in town, and the owners are planning to breed from her again in two or three months. So we’re now on the list. And, in the name of full disclosure, yes, Blossom found them at her new hairdresser’s salon. Cast that from your minds. They are absolute stone-cold killers, and we might well have one soon. Happy International Labour Day!




2 Responses to “Holidays in Cambodia”

  1. said

    You’ll presumably be buying a Mercedes Sport to transport your dog around in!!
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  2. DTHayhurst said

    So, you’re planning/ hoping to get two dogs now? Having just spent quite a bit of time in central PP, it seemed to me that there was quite a bit of greenish space near the river, the palace and museum, and other not too far away places, but I guess a lot of that grass is for looking at, not walking on. How far would you have to walk to find an actual park from your flat?

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