Not just for Christmas

December 5, 2013

Blossom and I recently celebrated 17 years of connubial bliss, or would have done, if she hadn’t been in Bangkok for the weekend. But that aside, we’ve been reflecting recently on how our lives have differed from those of our contemporaries, practically all of whom are married, and all of whom have astonishingly numerous cadres of children. That’s an area where we’ve been at odds with many of them; our cheerfully childless state has been an issue for many people, who wanted us to share in their pain. So we have decided, finally, to submit to the biological imperative, join the ranks of the Standard Unthinking, and give up lazing around in bed on a weekend.

We’ve bought a puppy.

Working title: Harley

Working title: Harley

Said puppy is only five weeks old, so we don’t actually get to pick him up until Christmas Eve. But we’re quite excited. And a little nervous. I can’t remember how to housetrain dogs, for instance. And what is this ‘crate training’ of which people speak? Also, I’m incredibly irresponsible, on the whole. So being responsible for a little dog will be a whole new thing.

For the record, he’s a brindle pedigree Boston Terrier, bred here from parents from Ohio and Texas. He’s currently extremely chubby and tends to leap about violently, then falls asleep wherever he might happen to be. Blossom just has to look at him and starts squeaking. As I said, his working name is Harley (I’ve always wanted a Harley…), because Blossom won’t let me call him Satan, but secretly in my heart he will always be The Vicious Beast of Death. But any other naming suggestions are most welcome.

I’m optimistic that this blog won’t become all about Boston Terriers, and that we won’t get too soppy and stupid about the dog. I used to work for a homosexual couple in Hong Kong who had a pair of collies, and they held birthday parties for them, complete with special cakes and party hats for the dogs. But they were spectacularly stupid people; I hope we’re not. It’s only a dog, in the end. We shall have to see.


6 Responses to “Not just for Christmas”

  1. Catherine Klingel said

    IIIIIIII LOVE HIM! Harley is a great name and he is so darling. Cannot wait to see how he changes your routine not to mention your life! Congratulations!

  2. Justyn said

    Great choice. Not sure which one of you it look like….

  3. Tess Davis said


  4. Nicola said

    Whey Hay – what a little cutey, slightly boss eyed….. but then Boston Terriers always look as if someone has stuck a finger up their rear end! (I know as if I can talk about ugly dogs!!).

    I just wanted to draw your attention to the way things are going to go – another childless friend I know, who acquired a dog later on in life (ha ha), now writes a blog, seemingly fulltime, in the name of her dog. Mis Darcy also has her own Facebook account. ( and!/DarcyWong2602?fref=ts) – I thought I would attach these links so you can learn from a pro! So I look forward to hearing all about Harley’s antics and can’t wait to be friends on FB!

    Also not sure why you say you and Blossum are childless you have part ownership of mine!! Love you (and your wife) Nxxxx

  5. liz boss said

    I wish I’d known you wanted a dog. I would have shipped you mine! Zep is my worst nightmare – she’s exactly like me.

  6. DTHayhurst said

    Ha, so you finally did it! I’m searching my memory from all the way back in April, (man, it feels a lot longer than that) to try and recall if dogs with obvious, nearby owners are a common sight in PP. I’ll bet it’s become a type of nouveau riche thing for the more affluent set, right? Get one that matches the new Lexus SUV?

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