The desolation of Harley

January 16, 2014

No curtain left untattered; no sandal left un-gnawed; no plant left un-denuded to standing puppy-height; no cushion left unchewed; no takeaway menu left unshredded; no cardboard box unmolested; no socks unholed; no doormat un-nibbled; no shirt left unripped; no table leg un-chomped; no picture frame unbitten; no trouser-leg unsullied; no rucksack untrashed; no electrical cable left un-nipped; no lampshade untasted; no newspaper unrippped and no bedsheets un-destroyed.

But isn’t he magnificent?


I kill when I wish! I am strong, strong, strong! My armour is like tenfold shields! My teeth like swords! My claws, spears! The shock of my tail, a thunderbolt! My wings, a hurricane! And my breath, death!

JRR Tolkien, The Hobbit


5 Responses to “The desolation of Harley”

  1. Rupert he is lovely – a fine example of a Boston Terrier – but he is still a Boston Terrier – think the Tolkien quote is going a little far!!

    I hope Susan is carrying him around in her handbag!

  2. Catherine Klingel said

    He is regal! Princely and perfect…dog closest thing to God on earth.

  3. Richard Ellis said

    Ok….I have had my thoughts as you know on certain Mercedes, hair dressing and some dogs but I think you may have a point with Big Harl……. what a corker!!

  4. d Hayhurst said

    It´s often said that pets come in time to look like their owners. I’ve always thought rather more often they choose pets that look like or remind them of themselves. There is something very you in this photo of Harleý though Icouldn’t say what, exactly.

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