Rough justice

April 24, 2014

As someone who has had a number of encounters with the Cambodian legal system, and expects to have a fair few more, I was somewhat encouraged by the following story, which appeared in the Cambodia Daily. It seems to show that no matter what you do, you can expect to get away with it.

“Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Tuesday handed down a one-year suspended sentence to a 31-year-old Chinese man and fined him two million riel, or about $500, two days after he crashed his SUV into a garbage truck while drunk and gravely injured a young trash collector, court and police officials said.

The 19-year-old victim, Yin Reach, remains in critical condition with serious injuries to his legs, groin and kidneys after the Chinese man, Tuan Tao, crushed him between the truck and the front of his luxury vehicle on Sunday.

Witnesses reported that Tao was driving a car with Royal Cambodian Armed Forces license plates.

The victim has opened his eyes but is unable to move or speak and will likely never walk again, according to his brother.

“The doctor told us that my brother has broken the bones in his thighs, knees and pelvis, and damaged his groin and kidneys, while he lost a lot of blood because the arteries in his legs were cut.”

Hurrah for justice! Although you might have to be Chinese, and driving a RCAF-plated car, if you expect to get it.

I have high hopes of Cambodia’s justice system. A one-year suspended sentence and a $500 fine for crippling a young man whilst drunk? I’m laughing…




One Response to “Rough justice”

  1. Holly Robertson said

    Hello Rupert. I’m a journalist from the Cambodia Daily and would like to speak to you about your defamation case. Could you please call me as soon as possible on 095597754. Thank you.

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