The kingdom of bloody hell

December 14, 2015

The tourist authorities here call Cambodia ‘the Kingdom of Wonder,’ and I have to say that that’s quite accurate, because it really does make you wonder sometimes.

The latest news to make me shake my head in sad astonishment is that six people have died in Kratie province after eating the meat of a dog that had been poisoned.

As a local paper put it: “the tainted carcass was first eaten by 76-year-old Chea Reth, who found it on Sunday morning and died the same evening. Unaware of the cause of death, dozens more locals consumed the meat at his funeral on Monday, leading to [five] more deaths and dozens of hospitalisations.”

The local commune police chief said that authorities are now driving around issuing loudspeaker announcements calling on anyone who ate the meat to come forward for free medical care.

Kratie is fairly poor, even for Cambodia, but it’s not that far from Phnom Penh, so there’s really no excuse. And why are people poisoning dogs in the first place? That’s just bad manners.

Those six deaths go along with another 13 in the province that have been chalked up to badly-brewed rice wine over the past couple of weeks. Personally, I’m not making any Kratie-related dinner plans any time soon.


One Response to “The kingdom of bloody hell”

  1. RDE said

    Quite right. Dogs eat anything. Do you? I agree common sense is sometimes not that common.

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