Rupert Winchester is a writer, editor and broadcaster currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Occasionally I might link to other bits and pieces. This is a diary I kept in 2011 on an Asian journey: Diary

Here is a splenetic piece on the death of Steve Jobs.

Here is a list of Sherlock Holmes’s unwritten adventures.

Here is a bad-tempered piece about esctasy:

A piece about the great Frank Zappa

A piece on unpleasant words.

A short piece on David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.



2 Responses to “About”

  1. J&J said

    It’s now the 7th. Next instalment please….

  2. Thanks for some good reading. I’d been toying with the notion of going to Bali but in the last few days I have had several people tell me the wrecked-by-partyers horror stories and almost all suggested Cambodia is a better place to go, so I have since been thinking of going there. Reading your blog seems to be dealing the deal. Sounds like a wonderfully weird city, and I’m sure there are beautiful outlying places to match.

    Thanks for the good writing.

    I do lament your omission of the Oxford comma, though.

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