There was a long and passionate discussion on The Guardian’s blog pages in 2009 about horrid words, which moved between hating management-speak and hating specific words. I thought the horrid words were the most interesting, so culled some of them. The most hated word, statistically, was ‘moist.’ Which I don’t mind at all. The following were the most often chosen:

Pulchritude pregnant flange gusset abrogate puberty seepage
Redacted minty nappy pasty inveigle demonstrable poorly spatula kooky
Moist chillax hubby nappy defenestrate membrane boobs churlish
Sac flannel eatery fungus thrush gutted rectum obfuscate puce saliva prurient
Nasal secateurs phlegm irregardless bowels compartmentalized paean discharge
Strategy chum masticate dully crotch gobble flan stomach suet tasked supine methinks
Audit panties offal meaty pamphlet wince bap pouch frugal catarrh blancmange
Obstetrics skulk nosh lugubrious gravadlax chunks comfy mediocre avuncular lobe

When I get a moment, I plan to see if I can work them all into a poem. Although I think it reads like one now, a bit.


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